Ministry details

This is a ministry of the Word of God, sung and spoken from the book of Psalms.

Jason sings the Word of God as it is – straight from the Bible as it appears in common English translations. The acoustic guitar based compositions are simple and memorable making them most effective for learning the Word of God and remembering it. The congregation is encouraged to follow along in their Bibles as each Psalm is sung.

Technical requirements

• A modern PA system with at least one fold back monitor

• 2 mics (one for vocals, one for flute)

• 1 mic on floor for a foot operated tambourine

• 1 acoustic guitar input (DI)

• 1 triggered kick drum (foot pedal) (DI)

• 1 triggered snare drum (foot pedal) (DI)

• 1 adjustable stool, like a drum stool or similar


Ministry bookings.

For bookings, or more information call + 61 421 163 624.


“For a considerable number of years I have known Jason Coghill and want to commend him to our churches.  He is a gifted musician who has great ability in putting the Psalms to music. In addition he uses his gifts to complement his spirituality and so can speak and sing from the heart of God’s grace. This combination is very important, and through it he can reach young and old in ministry for the Gospel.”
Revd Dr Allan Harman, Presbyterian Church of Australia, Melbourne.