Since 1995 Jason has been recording the Psalms in various musical and a cappella styles. His two volume CD set Psalms In Harmony have been well received internationally.  Two further recordings Psalms From The Kingdom and Praise From The Book Of Psalms were commissioned for Crown & Covenant Publications in the USA.

In 2002 Jason released Songs of Deliverance, a ten song compilation of Psalms including the redeeming themes of Psalms 51, 32, 34, 13 and 102.

With his wife Jane, a flautist, Jason did a ministry tour of the USA in 2005, covering several States from the East coast to the West.  2005 also saw Jason and Jane on a six-month Australian tour, before touring New Zealand in 2009.

Jason’s Biography

Jason started putting music to the psalms back in the early 90’s.  The church he attended had a tradition of singing psalms in worship.  This exposure to the psalms motivated him, along with another member at the time, Matthew Jacoby, to try and put music to the psalms straight from the English text, (using mainly the NIV).  They found a third musician, Rod Gear and eventually formed the band Son’s of Korah.

Jason played with S.O.K for a few years then eventually ended up doing a solo album, Songs of Deliverance – 10 psalms set to acoustic guitar based music.  Jason’s aim was (and still is) to put appropriate musical arrangements to the biblical text as found in our translations, without letting the music determine the word structure.  Therefore having the words rhyme and fit into a standard verse/chorus arrangement is not important.  He wanted people to be able to sing, and more importantly, remember the Word of God verse for verse in both whole psalms and portions.  It’s an amazing advantage to your Christian walk when you can have the Word of God stored in your heart and head ready for use in the battle. (see Psalm 119:11).

In 2005 Jason toured the USA with his wife, Jane promoting Songs of Deliverance. The U.S tour went really well.  They ministered in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Denver, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Diego, getting 4 or 5 days to wind down in Southern California before flying back to Australia.


We minister through the sung and spoken Word of God.  At a typical event we will sing through about 10 psalms.  People are encouraged to have their Bibles open and follow along, (or they’ll sing along if they know the tune).  Before each psalm is sung, a brief explanation is given and related to the gospel of Jesus Christ and living the Christian life.

It is a very simple set up. Either Jason on guitar, or accompanied by his wife Jane on flute, in the hope of fostering an atmosphere of reflection and meditation while the Word is sung.

Is it a youth ministry? Yes.  Is it an adult ministry? Yes.  Is it a middle aged and elderly ministry?  Yes.  Is it a children’s ministry? Yes. God’s word is for the 6 y.o, the 16 y.o and the 96 y.o (see Psalm 148, esp. vs. 11 &12).